Providing Individualized Treatment

At the CERTS Programs we understand that each student has unique needs.  Providing individualized treatment is something that is very important to us.  Not all students respond the same and through individualized treatment, CERTS Programs are able to meet a student where they are at rather than try to fit that student into a specific type of treatment approach.

How does each CERTS Program provide individualized treatment?

La Europa Academy

La Europa Academy provides two different entry points when a student enrolls providing individualized treatment.  La Europa provides a Traditional Track and a year ago added the On Point Track.  What track a student enters is determined by discussions between the La Europa Treatment Team.  The On Point Track encourages learning and practicing of transition skills sooner rather than later.   The On Point student is not quite ready for the freedom of a transition program, but does not need the intensive oversight and structure of a residential level of care.  They should demonstrate insight into themselves and others, a desire to change, increased motivation, and a high level of self-awareness.  These students will receive intensive clinical support, full-time school with direct instruction, and life skill education.  All students will then advance to the LEAPS Track which provides additional opportunities for independence and transition.  Learn more about the individualized program by visiting the La Europa Academy website.

Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy

Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy  has created a unique and powerful program to help students achieve their individual goals and pursuits.  They call this goal process the MAPP Plan, which is an acronym that stands for Master Academic and Personal Progress Plan. The MAPP plan is a document that consists of goals in the areas of academics, personal progress, family and future planning. The MAPP plan help student develop life-goals that are aimed at helping them become the happiest, most successful, healthiest individual they can be. The MAPP plan is created based on input from a multitude of different sources, including the student themselves, their parents, their therapist, their Advisor and the academic faculty. The MAPP plan is what allows us to individualize programming to every student at Mountain Springs and make sure that each students unique goals and needs are met.  Each student has their own personal Advisor who meets regularly with them to review and work on MAPP plan goals. In addition, the Advisor helps the student resolve any conflicts or struggles they may be having. Also, the Advisor helps the student get extracurricular activities/interests set up in the community. You can learn more by visiting the Mountain Springs Prep website.

Kolob Canyon and Moonridge Academy

Kolob Canyon and Moonridge Academy each utilize something called The Personal Greatness Program which is a unique, self-paced journey of self-discovery.  Both Kolob and Moonridge want their students to learn that they all have greatness within them.  The Personal Greatness Program is designed to help a teen discover their own unique talents and abilities.  Using a stage system, it introduces certain basic principles of life to a student in a sequential format.  This gives the treatment team the opportunity to observe, allowing each student to receive extra attention from staff.  As a student begins to understand and live according to the principles of one stage, they are able to move to the next stage where they are exposed to another set of principles and privileges.  At each level, a student has a list of requirements that are individually tailored for their specific needs by their therapist and the treatment team.  Each requirement helps a student learn more about themselves and reinforces the specific principles they have been taught on that stage.  Many of the requirements included learning DBT skills and then practicing those skills in day-to-day life.  There is no set time period for how long a student should be on a stage.  Because of this individualized treatment program a student might spend more time on some stages and less on others.  You can learn more about The Personal Greatness Programs by visiting the website for both Kolob Canyon and Moonridge Academy.

CERTS feels that with individualized treatment students will progress more quickly and develop the skills they need to be successful in their daily lives.