Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy

Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy is a structured, co-educational boarding school specifically designed as a transitional program for graduates of treatment centers. While some students can go directly from the treatment setting back to home, other students do better when there is an in-between, transitional step that provides safety, structure, and 24/7 supervision.

The Academy offers outstanding, fully accredited academics and is a natural “next step” for the CERTS treatment programs. Students participate in numerous self-esteem boosting activities that are not possible in the traditional treatment setting—cross country ski treks, white water rafting, ice climbing, horse packing, mountain climbing, etc. The “hands-on, go and do” educational philosophy of The Academy translates into international service projects in Mexico, educational field trips throughout the United States, and many other meaningful projects.

All students are involved in a challenging Student Leadership program that assists them in taking charge of their own lives. This less restrictive, but still supportive environment can provide an important in-between step to the “structure” of the treatment centers and the comparative “freedom” of home.


Have more questions? Feel like transition may be the right move for you and your daughter? Reach out to us and we would love to help you and your family get started on the path to transition.


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