Residential Treatment Center for Young Girls

Moonridge Academy is a unique residential treatment program designed to treat adoption or attachment issues, anxiety and trauma for young girls ages 11-14. Moonridge protects treats these issues while protecting at-risk preteens from the behaviors, attitudes and addictions of their older counterparts. Moonridge combines clinically sophisticated therapies like sand therapy, adventure therapy, play therapy and DBT. Paired with extensive family systems work and small caseloads, your daughter will get the attention and therapies specifically created for her age group.

Age-Specific Treatment for At-Risk Youth

There are many places to send troubled youth, but CERTS crafts age-specific treatments specifically for younger girls. Moonridge Academy knows that girls at ages 11-14 have different needs and wants than older teenagers. They also process information and approach problems differently than older girls. The benefits of age-specific residential treatment include:

Age Appropriate Therapy

Part of our age appropriate therapies includes sand tray therapy. This method uses figurines and a sandbox to recreate relationships and scenes to reveal deep thoughts and feelings. Paired with this, play therapy, equine assisted therapy, specialized low ropes course and canyoneering exercises, your daughter will learn how to express herself through healthier means. All of these activities improve self-esteem, encourage teamwork, repair trust issues and teach patterns for overcoming fears.

Time for Play and Fun

Most residential treatment centers end up being too structured for younger girls. Moonridge girls have the opportunity to play, do arts and crafts, celebrate holidays and enjoy time outside with animals. The CERTS Group is a top adolescent residential treatment center because we protect our girls’ childhoods. Your daughter deserves a chance to be a kid, no matter what trauma or emotional issues have troubled her in the past.

Equine Therapy and Horseback Riding

Moonridge Academy has an outstanding equestrian program. Animals are proven to be therapeutic and Moonridge girls have the opportunity to ride, groom and work with horses. They also have the opportunity to take riding lessons and become skilled equestrians. We strongly believe that this type of therapy is ideal for younger girls.

Protective Environment

Moonridge’s age limitation means that younger girls won’t be exposed to more mature issues and behaviors. This residential treatment center is a lot like a therapeutic “middle school,” while traditional residential treatment centers are more like, “high school”. Many places to send troubled youth will group older and younger adolescents together, causing issues for the preteen residents.

More Effective Group Therapy

While play and fun is a crucial part of Moonridge Academy, we believe in the power of group therapy and bonding with others who have had similar experiences. Younger girls tend to open up more in group therapy and feel less embarrassed when older girls are not in the room. This helps them open up to themselves and others in their group.

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At Moonridge Academy, both education and therapy are on the right level for younger girls. Trying to force younger girls to fit in with high school teens is not conducive to the healing process, which is why we dedicate ourselves to age-specific residential treatment. Moonridge Academy is among the top residential treatment centers for at-risk young ladies in the country. Learn more by calling us today at 888-406-5968.


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