Adventure Therapy for Girls at Kolob Canyon

As its name suggests, adventure therapy is a form of experiential therapy involving various types of adventure. Adventure therapy is often conducted outdoors, though sometimes it can be indoors. This type of therapy includes activities like camping, hiking, navigating ropes courses, rock climbing, horseback riding, rappelling and cooperative games. Adventure therapy allows girls to take calculated risks and explore personal issues in a safe, supportive environment under the guidance and support of mental health professionals. Similarly to other types of experiential therapy, adventure therapy uses the experience itself to help girls face and overcome their emotional issues, addictions, behavioral problems and many other challenges.

Benefits of Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy can help troubled youth.

Adventure therapy might sound like it’s all about having fun, but it is designed to have significant therapeutic benefits and teach valuable life lessons. These lessons include the importance of cooperating with others, working as a team and the impact of consequences based on poor choices. Adventure therapy helps tap into deeply painful issues. When these issues are brought to the surface, adventure therapy provides significant opportunity to confront them and start the healing process that is essential to personal growth and a happy life.

Girls spend a lot of time in nature during adventure therapy and this alone has therapeutic value. When girls from urban areas participate in adventure therapy, they have a chance to get away from the daily pressures of modern life. Being surrounded by natural beauty, breathing fresh air and listening to nature can boost anyone’s mood and help them gain a new appreciation for life. Young girls who are recovering from deep emotional wounds, unresolved trauma or addiction can benefit from the healing powers that adventure therapy offers.

Spending quiet time in nature allows girls to improve their sense of self-awareness. They can accomplish things and face fears by participating in activities like challenge courses and rock walls. These activities can represent situations and challenges girls face in the real world. Therapists often encourage girls to talk or think about the similarities between a specific activity and experiences they’ve had in their lives.

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