How Much Therapy Would My Daughter Receive?

Residential treatment is consistently therapeutic.

The norm at CERTS residential treatment centers is three one-on-one sessions weekly (of approximately an hour in length each) between your daughter and her therapist—two that are purely individual therapy and one that is a family therapy session. Some of our residential treatment centers offer one longer individual therapy session along with a family session. Additionally, your daughter would participate in at least four group therapy sessions weekly. These groups may be specialty groups (e.g. adoption group, addictions group, etc.) or issues groups. In addition, there are also activities throughout the week at each of our programs where therapists are present with students. While not technically considered “therapy,” these activities are inherently therapeutic and are an important part of the change process.

Group Therapy for Your Daughter

While individual therapy is imperative to recovery, CERTS residential treatment believes in the power of group therapy. The benefits of group therapy include:

  • Group therapy teaches girls that they are not alone. Others share similar problems and struggles.
  • Group therapy offers the chance to receive support from others and give support to others. Both are important when it comes to recovery. Receiving support is part of the bonding experience while giving support allows for growth and learning.
  • The group setting allows for many different points of view to be presented.
  • Group therapy helps girls develop self-awareness when they listen to others with similar problems.
  • Sharing experiences with others is a therapeutic process.
  • Group therapy offers a safety net for individuals who are nervous to discuss their feelings.
  • Girls can witness successful behaviors of other individuals who have had similar experiences. They can then learn to model this behavior by imitating others’ actions.

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