Residential Treatment Programs for Teenage Girls

CERTS Group provides therapy programs for troubled teenage girls.

We know that every teenage girl is unique. In a treatment setting, programs that work for one teen may not work for others like her. This is why the CERTS Group schools offer residential treatment. Our programs are equipped to handle a variety of teenage behavioral problems. We’ve found that therapeutic approaches, average age and personal interests make a difference in the overall success of treatment, as well as the length of time it takes to recovery.

How Our Therapy Programs are Different

Residential treatment is a level of care that combines 24/7 support staff, individual therapy, group therapy and education for your teenage daughter. It is ideal for the defiant or out of control teenagers who make poor choices or are engaged in dangerous behaviors (e.g. cutting, eating disordered behaviors, drug or alcohol abuse, etc.) and/or needs a high level of support for mental or behavioral issues. Other options, such as acute care in hospital settings, are designed for suicidal or out of control cases. These also include less therapy, supervision and less hands-on care. Instead, CERTS programs ensure your daughter is comfortable and improving through a variety of fun, effective therapy programs.

CERTS residential treatment programs are clinically rich, with specialized care and multiple types of therapy. Every treatment center offers a different type of therapy. La Europa Academy specializes in art therapy, while Kolob Canyon uses equine-assisted psychotherapy. Along with these specialized therapies, each program uses cognitive behavior therapy.

The CERTS Focus

We focus on our teen’s individual needs, struggles, interests, hopes and dreams. Every one of our programs intensively focuses on getting to the core issues that drive negative behaviors. Our intimate, specialized treatment programs make sure families are involved throughout the whole process. Family therapy sessions are always included in the overall treatment process.

Contact Us

If you feel that your teenage daughter could benefit from a residential treatment program, don’t hesitate to contact a CERTS Admissions Director. You can also email us at for general information. For a more detailed assessment of your situation, call 888-406-5968.