What is the Average Length of Stay?

Treatment lengths are based on each patient.

Our average is nine to eleven months in treatment. Obviously, this will vary from girl to girl depending upon the depth of trauma and to what degree certain behaviors are entrenched. We have also had girls in treatment for more than a year—typically in cases of adoption or extreme trauma.

Effective Residential Treatment

When girls spend time in our residential treatment programs, no matter how long their stay, we provide the following:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of emotional, behavioral, medical, educational and social needs
  • An individualized treatment plan
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psychiatric care
  • Involvement of the girl’s family or support system
  • Coping skills for behavioral and emotional issues

When your daughter is struggling with an addiction, behavioral or emotional disorder, it affects your entire family. You may start to feel frustrated and helpless, but we are here to help. Placing your daughter in one of our residential treatment programs can help, whether it’s a nine or eleven-month stay, ourprograms are designed to help your child recover.

Call the CERTS Group

If you think your daughter could benefit from the prolonged therapy programs we offer at the CERTS Group, contact an admissions advisor. You can also email us at info@certsgroup.com for general information.