Can the CERTS Schools and Programs take International Students?

Call us for information for international students.

Yes. All CERTS programs are approved by the Dept. of Homeland Security to take international students on a student visa.

About Our Programs

At the CERTS Group, our programs are drastically different than acute care or therapeutic boarding. Acute care happens over a short period of time in a hospital setting and is only for extreme, out of control states. On the opposite end of the spectrum, therapeutic boarding is a lower level of long-term care that includes less therapy and less supervision.

We focus on our patients’ individual needs, struggles, interests, hopes and dreams. Every one of our programs intensively works on getting to the core issues that drive negative behavior. Our intimate, specialized treatment programs make sure families are involved throughout the whole process. Family therapy sessions are always included in the overall treatment process.

Contact Us

If you want to admit an international student to one of the CERTS Group programs, don’t hesitate to contact an admissions director. You can also email us at for general information. For a more detailed assessment of your situation, call 888-406-5968.