Are There any Guarantees of Success?

We help girls who are resistant to change.

The short answer is “no.” The only person who can guarantee change is your daughter, and we cannot (nor would we try to) force true, lasting change. However, our average girl comes in very resistant to change, and yet this same girl often doesn’t want to leave when she is ready to graduate! We are quite good at setting the table in a way that is inviting for them to come and dine. Usually, over a fairly short period of time, the depth of your daughter’s relationship with our caring staff and an expert therapeutic team cause this to shift inside her, allowing her to embrace change.

And by the way, one of the best “guarantees” of success is a parents and family system that are open to change. Parents need to be willing to do the homework and look at themselves and their family system openly and honestly. This provides more successful outcomes than just about anything else.

Creating Lasting Change

Residential treatment programs provide structure, community and focus on girls who are struggling with behavioral and emotional problems. A regular, daily routine allows each person to focus on getting healthy and eliminates downtime periods that allow cravings to grow and bad thoughts to spiral. We believe that providing specialized juvenile residential treatment improves results in a shorter period of time. Everyone has interests and skills that when used properly, can improve the treatment process.

Contact Us

If you think your daughter could benefit from the residential treatment programs we offer at the CERTS Group, contact an admissions advisor. You can also email us at for general information.