Are Parents and Families Involved in the Treatment Process?

Families are involved in therapy at the CERTS Group.

Yes, parents and families are extensively involved in treatment. We believe that failure to heavily involve the family system would cause many of our girls to relapse when returning home. The vast majority of our parents are excellent caregivers. While not perfect, they have generally parented the best they know how—and often very successfully with other children. It just hasn’t worked with this particular girl.

CERTS programs teach you how to care for your daughter successfully. Parents do homework that corresponds with the clinical work their daughter is doing in the program. This is often subject matter for family therapy sessions. Parents also participate every other month in a Parent Seminar where all of the parents come together and learn principles, share experiences in the Parent Support Group, do therapeutic activities together as a family, and more. The net result is that the whole family system shifts while the daughter is in treatment—everyone emerges healthier, more open to change, and equipped to handle the challenges of the future.

Why is it Important for Families to be Involved?

  • It presents an opportunity to learn about the treatment and recovery process
  • Family members can participate in treatment planning
  • Family members will attend therapy or group sessions as requested
  • The family can encourage their loved one to overcome their problems and continue treatment in a judgment-free zone
  • The girl and family members can express their feelings, concerns and frustrations in a safe environment

When families are present during therapy, they will learn to help with the following:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Navigating resources
  • Advocating for their loved one
  • Checking for symptoms of relapse
  • Providing housing and social activities for the girl after returning from treatment
  • Providing doctors and therapists with information on the girl’s lifestyle and habits

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