Clinically Intensive Treatment Programs

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CERTS programs are more clinically rich than most programs for two reasons. First, we believe it gives us a better chance of getting at the core issues which drive behavior, thereby increasing the odds of your daughter truly healing and making better choices in the future. Second, we believe it shortens the average length of stay, saving everyone money. Incidentally, we use the word “rich” instead of “intensive” because of the types of therapies and elements successfully used by our therapists: art, horses, toys, and the great outdoors! Healing can be rewarding and often even fun!

What is Clinically Intensive Treatment?

Our residential treatment programs are highly structured, non-hospital based settings that combine comprehensive and specialized therapies. Girls in these programs often need intensive treatment on a 24/7 basis in a safe environment while under constant supervision. Research shows that some girls benefit from intensive, long-term care that allows them to live in a secure, structured environment where all their focus is on becoming well again.  This type of clinically intensive treatment is beneficial for addictions, eating disorders and trauma-related issues, as well as mental health disorders like anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

Contact Us To Learn More

If you feel that your teenage daughter could benefit from a clinically intensive residential treatment program, don’t hesitate to contact a CERTS Admissions Director. We want to help your child recover and live a full, happy life. You can also email us at for general information. For a more detailed assessment of your situation, call 888-406-5968.