What are CERTS and How Long has it Been Around?

The CERTS Group began in 2001. Learn more about us.

Certified Educational, Recreational, Therapeautic Schools and Programs (CERTS) was founded in 2001. Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center was started in 2002, followed by both Moonridge Academy in 2004. Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy and La Europa Academy followed in 2005. Collectively, the four CERTS schools have literally graduated hundreds of successful students and families and have changed many lives.

About the CERTS Programs

Parenting any teenager or pre-teen can be a challenge. Parenting a troubled teen who battles with depression, cutting, bipolar, drug or alcohol abuse, an eating disorder, oppositional defiance, ADHD, sexual addictions, adoption issues or suicidal ideation can be infinitely more difficult and challenging.

Historically, parents’ options have been limited to traditional residential treatment centers for teens or troubled teen schools. Recognizing a compelling need for a facility that is designed to help and meet the needs of individuals, in 2001 we at CERTS we began building the leading network of specialized residential behavioral treatment centers for troubled teenage girls in the United States.

Residential treatment programs offer comprehensive treatment in one location. A teenage girl with serious emotional or behavioral issues often needs attention from many different professionals, like child development specialists and psychiatrists. Our residential therapy centers house all these professionals in one location. The caseloads are also typically smaller, so there is more time to devote to each girl.

Contact Us

We’re here to help your daughter recover and live a full, happy adolescence. To speak with a CERTS Admissions Director, call us at 888-406-5968. You may also email us at info@certsgroup.com.