Parents Bill of Rights

Good communication is a right, not a privilege. You have the right and the responsibility to know what is occurring on a regular basis with your child. This information should include–but is not limited to–the

  • Detailed information about those caring for your child
  • Weekly phone calls from your child’s mentor as well as from their therapist
  • Weekly web chat sessions with a therapist to answer general questions
  • Access to meal plans, activities and calendar
  • Reports on grades and academic progress
  • Notification on changes in status
  • A synopsis of treatment and its effectiveness

Expect Smaller, More Intimate Programs. Like any school, the most successful programs carefully limit their enrollment so that attention is more individual. CERTS facilities carefully restrict their size to allow for significant one-on-one interaction with a child. We believe that our small size allows us to be more effective than programs with a higher enrollment.

Parental Involvement is Crucial to Long-Term Success. Your willingness to learn and implement the basic principles of successful living will help lift your child to lasting, positive change. This participation is critical and can make the all of the difference in ensuring the right outcome. We work with you in the following ways:

A comprehensive parent education program that teaches you these basic principles through weekly family therapy and Parent Weekends at eight-week intervals

Concurrent coursework so that you and your child share similar understanding of what is required for change.

A comprehensive after-care program for your child upon graduation from our program

Answering Parent Questions is a High Priority. Expect prompt answers to your questions and speedy resolution of your concerns. We make answering parent questions and concerns one of our highest priorities and can generally answer a parent question within 24 hours of the inquiry.

Expect an Excellent, Well-trained Staff. Be assured that the staff members working with your child are properly licensed, trained, and among the finest in the industry. CERTS staff members complete a rigorous two-week training course, comply with every legal requirement, and have regular access to in-service training before being allowed to work with your child.

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