Specialized Residential Treatment Centers

At The CERTS Group, we understand that every person is unique. In a treatment setting, what works for one girl may not work for another. Factors like therapeutic approaches, average age and personal interests can make a difference in the overall success of treatment, as well as in the length of time required to achieve recovery.

For this reason, the CERTS family of schools and residential treatment centers offer a variety of programs to better ensure a solution tailored to the needs of each individual girl. We are a leading provider of specialized residential treatment.

How is Residential Treatment Different?

Residential treatment is a level of care that combines 24/7 support staff, individual therapy, group therapy and education. This treatment is ideal for a young person who is making poor choices, engaged in dangerous behaviors (self-harm, disordered eating, drug or alcohol abuse, destructive sexual activity, etc.) and/or needs a high level of support for mental or behavioral issues.

Our programs are drastically different than acute care or therapeutic boarding. Acute care happens over a short period of time in a hospital setting and is only for extreme, out of control states. On the opposite end of the spectrum, therapeutic boarding is a lower level of long-term care that includes less therapy and less supervision.

Unlike other types of treatment, CERTS programs are clinically rich, with individualized care and various types of therapy. Each treatment center provides a different type of therapy. For example, La Europa Academy specializes in art therapy, while Kolob Canyon and Moonridge Canyon utilize equine-assisted psychotherapy (horse therapy). Every program uses cognitive behavioral therapy (talk therapy) alongside these specialized methods.

We are focused on our patients’ individual needs, struggles, wants, interests, hopes and dreams. All of our treatment programs are intensive and focused on getting to the core issues which drive the behavior. CERTS’ intimate, specialized residential treatment programs also keep families involved throughout the entire process. Family therapy sessions are always included as part of the overall treatment process.

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