CERTS Programs Welcome New Academic Directors

Let’s face it, change seems to be the only constant in the world right now. And that is the case at the CERTS Programs too. Two CERTS Programs–Moonridge Academy and Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy are excited to announce new Academic Directors. Dave Gardiner at Mountain Springs Prep moved back into the public school system. We will miss his dedication and consistent calm leadership. Moonridge Academy and Kolob Canyon will be dividing their academic programs to provide better support to our students. With that division, Susan Mackert, who has been the Academic Director at both Kolob Canyon and Moonridge Academy will now be the Academic Director at Kolob Canyon only. A new Academic Director has been announced at Moonridge Academy.

We are excited to announce that two of our outstanding teachers have accepted the positions of Academic Director. Becca Black, who has been the math and physics teacher at Mountain Springs will become the new Academic Director. Carter Miller, who has been the Special Education Coordinator and science teacher at Moonridge Academy, will become the Admissions Director there. We are thrilled that these outstanding teachers will now be leading these two tremendous academic programs.

At the CERTS Programs, our belief is that a strong and challenging academic program is an important component of helping our students heal, develop resiliency, competency and establish future direction. Our teachers are enthusiastic and know how to quickly discern different learning styles, adapt classroom instruction and assignments to each student.  We help each student to be successful in school and most importantly to ensure that they are learning.  Instructors often use project based and experiential activities to teach curriculum.  Teachers also provide differentiated assignments to allow for a student’s individual learning needs.

Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy:

Becca was born and raised in Blanding, Utah. She is has a Bachelor’s Degree in Math through Southern Utah University.  She also received a minor in Physics as it is her “guilty pleasure”. Becca is passionate about math and science and loves making these subjects fun for her students.  She is dedicated to the growth of her students at Mountain Springs.  

Moonridge Academy:

Carter is fondly called Coach by most people including our students. He is a big guy with a huge heart full of compassion. He is dedicated to our students and their families. Coach earned his Bachelors Degree in Special Education and Physical Education from Southern Utah University. He has taught science, math, history, language arts, reading, health, PE, and weight training to students from middle school to high school. He loves teaching and knows that it is what he was put on earth to do. We feel so grateful to have Coach leading our academic program.