CERTS Outcome Data Looks Impressive

Parents often ask, “What is your success rate?”  This is a difficult question to answer since each student comes to a CERTS Program with unique challenges and at different places in the treatment process.  CERTS knows that outcome research is important – being able to qualify and prove that treatment works, as well as receiving constant feedback and indicators for improvement, helps us assure families that their work and investment is well placed.  Two of our programs–Kolob Canyon and Moonridge Academy are designated as Gold Research Programs through NATSAP.

To help monitor our student’s progress, CERTS has utilized the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (YOQ) to track outcome data for over 8 years.  Every October we summarize that data for each CERTS program and provide this information on our websites, to parents and education consultants to document our outcomes.   CERTS outcome data continues to be very impressive!

These graphs can help you track our outcomes.  Each graph starts with an indication of how much distress a student was in when they admitted to a CERTS program.  On the YOQ tool the higher the number, the more distress the student is experiencing compared to typical same aged teens.  Following intensive treatment and family work,  our students at discharge demonstrate a significant decrease in their distress level. In fact, our students leave treatment well below the average teen, and maintain progress throughout the next year – even with the anticipated transition challenges and reintroduction of “normal life” stressors.  The data for Mountain Springs is slightly different.  This is because students enrolling at Mountain Springs Prep have most often completed both a wilderness and residential treatment program.  We are tracing their maintenance of skills they have learned.  It is encouraging to see that they are able to maintain and succeed at Mountain Springs as well as afterwards when they return home.

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La Europa Academy Outcome Data


Moonridge Academy Outcome Data


Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy Outcome Data


Kolob Canyon Outcome Data


Mosaic House Outcome Data