Building Projects Improve CERTS Campuses

The CERTS Programs are highly invested in improving the quality of life for the teens that we support.  We provide sophisticated clinical services, mentor coaching and therapeutic environments in which our students can gain the skills they need to be successful in life.  In addition to this support, we believe that our students need to have facilities that enhance their treatment journey.  CERTS is continually working to improve our campuses.   The past few years have seen new buildings completed at La Europa Academy and Moonridge Academy.  Moonridge Academy also just completed renovations to their adorable farmhouse residence.  Mountain Springs completed two Bridge Houses in 2018 and early 2019 and a new student activity building is currently underway.

CERTS–La Europa Academy

La Europa Academy was thrilled when their new building was completed in November 2018.  This beautiful  addition adds considerable space for expressive therapies, academics and clinical services.  The new building houses a ceramics room, sand tray room and art room thus providing opportunities for students to explore and heal through music, dance, visual arts, ceramics, sand tray therapy and photography.  The spacious new dance room is 1200 square feet for La Europa students to move their bodies.  In addition to expressive arts space, the new building also increased academic space with classrooms, a library, community room, computer lab, and lockers.  Students and teachers alike will benefit from these spacious areas where creativity, learning and independent study can abound.  Clinical space rounds out this impressive building with therapist offices and group rooms making it easier for La Europa students to receive individual, family and group therapy.

CERTS–Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy

The new Bridge to Independence Program and houses on the Mountain Springs campus were completed last year.  These new homes provide a well scaffolded and immersive environment for students to practice increasing levels of self-initiative, responsibility, and independence in their lives.  All of this while maintaining receptivity to mentorship, skill-building, and interdependence with others as a young adult.  The Bridge Program is a continuation and enhancement of the Mountain Springs Preparatory experience and is not a stand alone program.  The new beautifully built and decorated independence houses will provide 8 additional beds for male students in our male independence house and 8 additional beds for female students in our female independence house.

Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy was excited to begin construction on a 6500 sq ft Student Recreation Center in the fall of 2019.   This beautiful new building will provide more space, more student activities, and well…just more! Expected to be completed this coming summer, this beautiful Modern Craftsman design will add a movie theater, music room, art studio and kiln, recording studio, inside/outside gathering areas, study rooms, and a multipurpose room.  Wow, talk about improving the quality of daily life for our students!   We are so thrilled for this dream to become reality!

CERTS–Moonridge Academy

Moonridge Academy was literally giddy with excitement to add a beautiful new, green-built building to their campus providing therapy offices for their amazing clinical team, a conference room, school rooms, study hall, administrative offices, and a covered porch for outside activities.  Moonridge also created a new riding arena to bring equine therapy and horseback riding skills closer to the other parts of our campus.  Life at Moonridge just got even better!   When Moonridge Academy completed their new Academic and Clinical Building they couldn’t wait to start renovating their adorable farmhouse residence.  In the past few months Moonridge has remodeled previous office space into new bedrooms, created a fantastic game room in our former school area and expanded their  laundry room. (Who knew that a laundry room could bring so much joy?!)  There is simply more space for our “tweenagers” to hang out, play games, and connect.  Anyone up for a game of foosball?