Benefits of Fine-Arts Based Residential Treatment

Fine arts-based treatment is helpful for behavioral issues.

Fine-arts based residential treatment blends traditional therapy (DBT, specialized groups) with a focus on the arts like dance, yoga, piano, ceramics, photography, painting and more. The arts allow girls to access and release pain in a powerful, creative and safe way, and there are various other benefits to fine-arts based residential treatment.

  • Safety: Art therapy provides safe, confidential space for girls to express themselves. Whether this is through writing a story, painting a picture or composing a song, the arts channel otherwise negative emotions and turn them into something beautiful.
  • Accessibility: Almost everyone is capable of creative expression, regardless of their age, ability or circumstance.
  • Based on strengths: The creative process is all about creating, changing, building and doing. This automatically taps into girls’ strengths, showing them what they are good at and the beauty they are capable of creating.
  • Positivity: Being creative and making art is enjoyable and can positively shift a client’s mood. It’s a great way to escape negative emotions and learn to appreciate the positive things in life.
  • Empowerment: Art allows girls to practice change in small ways. They can prove to themselves that they have the strengths and skills to make bigger changes beyond art as well.
  • Mindfulness: Creating art, whether it’s a painting, drawing or sculpture, requires you to be present and live in the moment. Learning mindfulness is a great way to focus on the here and now and not stress about the past or future.

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At La Europa Academy, we can help your daughter cope with the effects of ADHD, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and other issues through fine arts-based residential treatment programs. La Europa Academy is a clinically sophisticated, 36-bed, a fine arts-based residential treatment center that specializes in using the arts to help girls ages 13-17 heal and work through the emotional pain. La Europa blends the best of traditional treatment (DBT, specialized groups, small caseloads, outstanding family systems work, etc.) with a focus on the arts (dance, photography, ceramics, watercolors, piano, yoga, guitar, etc.) that allows us to build on our girl’s strengths. Contact us today to speak with our admissions director.