Art Therapy for Troubled Teens

Art therapy blends traditional therapy (DBT, specialized groups) with artistic mediums like dance, yoga, piano, ceramics, photography, painting and more. Art allows troubled girls to access and release pain in a way that is powerful, creative and safe. Whether it’s through writing a story, painting a picture or composing music, arts can channel negative emotions into beautiful compositions.

Strength and Empowerment through Art

The artistic process is all about creating, changing, building and doing. This process automatically accesses girls’ strengths, showing them what they’re good at and the beauty they are capable of creating. Creating art is an enjoyable activity that can positively shift a client’s mood. Art is a fantastic way to escape negative emotions and learn how to appreciate the positivity that life has to offer.

Promoting Mindfulness

Creating art of any kind requires girls to be present in the moment. Practicing mindfulness through art is a great way to focus on the present and not worry about the past or future. Art is all about enjoying the process and not just focusing on end results. This type of creative mindfulness allows young girls to gradually change habits of negative self-talk, inner criticism, perfectionism and self-doubt.

Additional Benefits

  • Facilitating insight, empathy and acceptance of other’s struggles
  • Promoting problem-solving skills
  • Facilitating positive perspectives on life
  • Increasing attention span
  • Developing strategies for hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills and finger dexterity and speed
  • Increasing awareness and orientation

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La Europa Academy is the CERTS Group’s fine arts-based residential treatment program. We can help your teenage daughter deal with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, ADHD and other behavioral/mental issues. This is a clinically sophisticated, 36-bed treatment center that specializes in treating girls ages 13-17. La Europa Academy combines traditional forms of therapy (talk therapy, group therapy) with fine arts classes and activities. Contact the CERTS Group to speak with our admissions director.


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