2021 Anne Sullivan Award Recipient

Each year the CERTS Group of Programs honors a chosen few of their mentoring staff with the Anne Sullivan Award. This award for a mentoring staff’s dedication to the students and their fellow peers is named after Helen Keller’s lifelong teacher Anne Sullivan. Anne showed complete commitment and dedication to her pupil. She improved Helen Keller’s quality of life by teaching her new skills. This is what each Anne Sullivan Award Recipient does for students at the CERTS Programs–improves their life through teaching them new skills. These skills help our students learn to have a life worth living finding joy in their journey. This year the two recipients of this tremendous 2021 Anne Sullivan Award are Eddie Calamity at Moonridge Academy an  Brianna “Bri” Corliss at Kolob Canyon.

Eddie Calamity Moonridge Academy Anne Sullivan Award Recipient https://www.moonridgeacademy.com/news

Eddie is such a talented leader on the Moonridge Academy campus.  His fellow staff look up to him with respect often following his direction and example.  Eddie is the true definition of calm.  Students and staff alike routinely turn to Eddie for advice, validation, support and understanding.  Eddie helps our students both in challenging times and also at times of great fun.  We feel so grateful that Eddie is part of our team.  Thank you Eddie!  We love you!

Brianna “Bri” Corliss Kolob Canyon Anne Sullivan Award Recipient https://www.kolobcanyonrtc.com/Newsletter

We asked our students and staff, “What is it that you love and admire about Bri?”  There answers will easily help you see why she is so exemplary in her role as a mentor staff.  

“I appreciate her balance betwen firm boundaries and expectation and kindness and connection.”

“I love hearing from students how Bri is able to be a good role model for all of the students.”

“Bri isn’t afraid to try and do new things.”

“I have enjoyued here quiet and gentle pressence on shift.”

“Even when Bri is freezing at the barn, she has a smile and positive attitude.”

“Bri is so willing to help out in any way and she does it with a smile.”

“She is so great with all of the students and all of the staff.”

“Bri is direct and compassionate at the same time.”

“Bri makes the people working with her better.”

“Bri’s calm yet assertive pressencee is so nice to be around.”

“Bri is able to smile and have a positive attitude even when things are difficult.”

“Bri has a remarkable balance of holding limits and showing care to our students.”

Thank you Eddie and Bri for you dedication to our students. Thank you for being all in, every day, for every students. We are so grateful for you and that you are on our team.