2018–A Year of Growth and Change

As we reach the end of 2018, it is nice to reflect on what has happened at each of our programs.  This has been a big year at CERTS–a year of growth and change!  We have added to our campuses, added some amazing people to our teams and added substance to our programs.

Mountain Springs Preparatory Adds Bridge Program and Boys/Girls Independence Houses

The Bridge to Independence Program provides a well scaffolded and immersive environment for students to practice increasing levels of self-initiative, responsibility, and independence in their lives.  All of this while maintaining receptivity to mentorship, skill-building, and interdependence with others as a young adult.  The Bridge Program is a continuation and enhancement of the Mountain Springs Preparatory experience and is not a stand alone program.  The new beautifully built and decorated independence houses will provide 8 additional beds for male students in our male independence house and 8 additional beds for female students in our female independence house.  Students who live in the the Bridge to Independence Houses:

  • Have demonstrated leadership and are self-governing their actions while enrolled at Mountain Springs Prep
  • Are at least 17 years old
  • Currently a senior in high school
  • Have a job or volunteering in the community


  • Life skills:  Weekly budget planning, meal planning, paying bills
  • Healthy living goals:  Meal choices, exercise, self-care
  • Meeting personal goals:  Sustaining therapeutic growth in less structure
  • Financial Management:  Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Becoming autonomous, self-sufficient and self-governing


  • Weekly community therapy sessions
  • Weekly mentor meetings
  • Privilege Management
  • Staff oversight/awake night supervision


  • Weekly volunteer and work experiences
  • Ability to make decision regarding peer relationships
  • Independent decision-making
  • Practice self-governing independence


La Europa Academy Adds New Building and a New Clinical Director

A new Arts Building opened in late November 2018.  This beautiful new addition located on the corner of the La Europa and will triple triple their expressive therapy capacity.  It will provide more opportunities for students to explore and heal through music, dance, visual arts, ceramics, sandtray and photography. The spacious new dance room is 1200 square feet for students to pirouette, ball change, plié, freestyle, pas de bourrée, jazz walk, chasse or move their bodies any way they choose!  La Europa is fortunate to witness the transformative power of expressive therapy as part of each student’s journey. The new space will also be home to therapists, school classrooms and other employees.  With this new addition also came a new sports court which the students are already enjoying!

A new Clinical Director Dave Nichols joined the La Europa Team in early December.  Dave comes with vast experience covering a wide range of substance abuse, mental health and behavioral issues.  Dave has been a Clinical Director for the past 4 years, most recently as the Director of Clinical Services at Highland Ridge Hospital.  There, he greatly contributed to their success and growth as he expanded adolescent clinical services.  As a Clinical Director, Dave has always maintained a clinical caseload taking on the more challenging students.  He will continue to do this at La Europa Academy.  Dave brings with him knowledge to expand our overall vision of clinical services.

Moonridge Academy Announces New Clinical Director and Breaks Ground on New Building

Lacey joined the Moonridge Academy team in May 2018.  She comes to Moonridge with variety of experiences working in both residential and wilderness settings.   Most recently Lacey was a lead clinician and trainer at New Visions Wilderness in Wisconsin. Prior to working at New Visions Wilderness, Lacey was a therapist at Explorations in Montana. Lacey received her Master’s Degree from Abiline Christian University in Abiliene, TX.  Lacey has advanced training in Brainspotting, Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and HeartMath strategies. She is a trained family therapist, working with the entire family system to create long lasting change. Lacey has unique experiences working with young women in adventurous settings. This is essential at Moonridge Academy where the students are middle school age and are involved in weekly Adventure Therapy.   Lacey is also a creative therapist including art projects, play therapy and music in therapy sessions. She is a calming, steady presence as a therapist when working with younger girls in a fun and empowering way. For families, Lacy is a consistent support providing real solutions for families in need.

Lacey Heinzelman and Susan Mackert Clinical and Academic Directors at Moonridge were thrilled to officially shovel the first scoop of dirt for the new Clinical and Academic Building.  This new facility will have classrooms, offices,a study hall, library, conference room, and an attached covered pergola for outside gatherings. Tawny Thomas the former Executive Director worked so hard on this project and will continue to do so with the help and support of the new Executive Director Jack Hinman as this project continues. Our staff and students are excited for this new space!!!

Kolob Canyon and Moonridge Academy Welcomed New Executive Director

Jack Hinman came to Moonridge Academy in September 2018 with many years of experience working in various residential treatment programs. He has years of clinical experience and has helped to grow and develop some exemplary girl’s programs in Southern Utah.  Jack is an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.  Jack is already making some wonderful changes to the programs at both schools which will provide better supports for students, families and staff.