Creating Lasting Change through Residential Treatment

Parenting any teenager or pre-teen can be a challenge. Parenting a troubled teen who battles with depression, cutting, bipolar, drug or alcohol abuse, an eating disorder, oppositional defiance, ADHD, sexual addictions, adoption issues, or suicidal ideation can be infinitely more difficult and challenging. Yet, because everyone is unique, getting this young person life-changing help from an appropriate juvenile residential treatment program can be one of the single most important decisions a parent can make.

Unfortunately, a parent’s options have historically been limited to traditional residential treatment centers for teens or troubled teen schools. Recognizing a compelling need for a facility that is designed to help and meet the needs of individuals, in 2001 we at CERTS we began building the leading network of specialized residential behavioral treatment centers for troubled teenage girls in the United States.

Residential treatment programs offer comprehensive treatment in one location. A teenage girl with serious emotional or behavioral issues often needs attention from many different professionals, like child development specialists and psychiatrists. Our residential therapy centers house all these professionals in one location. The caseloads are also typically smaller, so there is more time to devote to each girl.

Residential Behavioral Treatment Centers for Teenage Girls

Every teenage girl is unique. In a treatment setting, what works for one girl may not work for another. For this reason, the CERTS family of schools and programs for troubled girls offer a variety of programs to better ensure a solution tailored to the needs of each individual girl and is a leading provider of specialized juvenile residential treatment.

If you would like immediate help in choosing the best option for your daughter, please call 888-406-5968 to speak with the CERTS Admissions Director.

CERTS Juvenile Residential Treatment Centers

Certified Educational, Recreational, Therapeutic Schools and Programs (CERTS) have been widely recognized as a leading provider of specialized residential treatment centers for adolescents in the United States. A specialized program works specifically with one type of individual, meeting their unique clinical needs while also working with them in ways that they understand best.

Residential treatment programs provide structure, community and focus on girls who are struggling with behavioral and emotional problems. A regular, daily routine allows each person to focus on getting healthy and eliminates gaps of downtime that allow cravings to grow and bad thoughts to spiral. Everyone takes part in these routines, creating a sense of community where no one feels isolated, guilty or misunderstood. In residential treatment, girls are free from the obligation of school, friends and family. This gives them time to completely focus on themselves, break bad habits and develop new, healthy ones. Residential treatment also supports the development of positive peer relationships. These programs place a high value on community and cooperation through the use of group therapy. Teen girls who leave residential treatment often walk away with stronger interpersonal skills.

Our Approach

We believe that providing specialized juvenile residential treatment improves results in a shorter period of time. Everyone has interests and skills that when used properly, can improve the treatment process. These interests are also often means of releasing intense emotion and an outlet of self-expression. Our residential treatment centers and boarding schools for adolescent girls combine Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), traditional talk therapy and experiential therapies like equine assisted psychotherapy, art therapy, adventure therapy and music therapy. This type of combined therapy helps to achieve a more resilient, influential change in your daughter.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create leading adolescent treatment programs through relentlessly asking the right questions, where a climate of growth and personal development inspires positive change and the desire to live true principles in our students, their families and our staff. We believe in change at the CERTS Group. With the right setting and treatment, there is no reason why a teenage girl cannot recover from problems like addiction, eating disorders and severe depression.

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